Investing in property

Find out how you can secure your financial future through property today

Looking to invest in property?

At Break Free Home Loans, we understand the needs of property investors can be different to those of owner-occupiers. We have access to hundreds of investor loans from a pool of over 40 lenders. We give you the ability to choose additional options for flexibility at the lowest possible price. Here are some of the options we have available to consider;

Need an interest only loan?

Do you want to build your wealth by accessing home equity for investment in property or shares? Our range allows the credit limit to remain constant for up to 10 years with our interest only investor loans.

investing in property

Don’t want to dip into your savings?

There are loans out there that offer investors the ability to borrow up to 95% of the property value + full capped LMI. We also have access to products that only require 5% genuine savings to help you reach your investment goals sooner.

Still want more?


Fixed rates available and ability to lock in your fixed rate at formal approval


Offset available


Line of credit.


Ability to pay your interest in advance


Flexible repayment options via BPAY, direct debit or salary crediting

You can also arrange pre-approval on your loan with us. With a pre-approved loan, you’re ready to buy when the right investment property is on your radar. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with us today.

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