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Homeowners in Melbourne may be able to refinance their home loan to take advantage of lower interest rates and save money. Refinancing your home loan can also help you consolidate debt, pay off your mortgage sooner, or access equity in your home. If you’re considering refinancing your home loan, compare refinance home loan rates with Break Free Home and Car Loans. Our experienced brokers can help you find the best refinance home loan for your needs and circumstances. Get in touch with us today to compare the best refinance home loan in Melbourne offers.


What Is Refinancing Home Loan?

Home loan refinance is when you replace your current home loan with a new loan, usually with different terms. It’s a popular way to switch mortgage types, pay off your loan sooner, saving on interest payments and lowering your monthly repayments.

When you refinance your home, you take out a new loan to pay off your existing mortgage. This new loan may have different terms to your existing mortgage, such as a different interest rate or repayment period. You may also refinance to access equity in your home, which you can use for home improvements or other purposes.


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What Is Refinancing Home Loan?

There are several potential benefits of refinancing your home loan in Melbourne. Some of the most common reasons why homeowners refinance their mortgage include:


To Consolidate All Debts

This is generally the most popular reason to refinance as it can save you a lot of money in interest repayments and also help simplify your finances by having one loan instead of multiple debts. If you have multiple debts, refinancing can help you consolidate these into one loan with one monthly repayment. This can make managing your finances easier and help you get out of debt sooner.


Get Better Loan Features

If you refinance, you may be able to negotiate better loan features with your new lender. This could include a lower interest rate, waived fees, or flexible repayment options. One of the most popular reasons to refinance is to take advantage of lower interest rates. If interest rates have decreased since you took out your original home loan, refinancing could help you save money on your repayments.


Portability If You Are Moving

Some home loans offer portability, which means they can be transferred to a new property if you sell your current home. This can save you from having to refinance and pay fees again.


Choose Fixed Or Variable Rates

You may be able to choose between a fixed rate and a variable rate when you refinance. This can offer flexibility and help you manage your repayments.



If you’re planning to refinance your home loan to finance renovations, it’s important to first calculate the costs of the renovation project. This will help you determine how much money you need to borrow and whether refinancing is the right option for you.


About Home Loan Refinance Offers In Melbourne

There are many potential benefits to refinancing your home loan. These can include getting a lower interest rate, accessing equity in your home, consolidating debts, or switching to a different loan type. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with refinancing, such as paying high fees and charges, extending the term of your loan, or taking on more debt than you can afford.

When considering mortgage refinancing, it’s important to speak with a mortgage broker who can help you compare different refinance home loan offers and find the right loan for your circumstances.

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How Much Can I Borrow?

The amount you can borrow will depend on a number of factors, including the equity you have in your property, your income and your debts. But as a general rule of thumb, you can usually borrow up to 80% of the value of your property.

So, if your home is valued at $500,000, you could potentially borrow up to $400,000 when refinancing. Of course, this is just a rough guide – we recommend speaking to one of our mortgage brokers to get a more accurate idea of how much you could borrow. They’ll be able to assess your individual circumstances and give you tailored advice.

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Step-By Step Process

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to refinance a home loan:

  1. Get your home loan health check: It’s time for a home loan health check if you’re thinking of refinancing your mortgage. You need to know where you stand with your current lender, what fees you’re paying and what interest rate you’re on. It’s also important to have an idea of your home’s current market value.
  2. Shop around: Once you know where you stand, it’s time to start shopping around. Look at a range of refinance home loan offers from different lenders to see how much you could save.
  3. Consider the costs: There are costs involved with refinancing, such as exit fees, legal fees and discharge fees. Make sure you factor these into your calculations to get an accurate idea of how much you’ll be saving.
  4. Get pre-approved: Once you’ve found the right refinance home loan for you, it’s a good idea to get pre-approval from the lender. This means they’ve looked at your financial situation and have agreed in principle to lend you the money.
  5. Lock in your rate: Once you’re pre-approved, you can lock in your interest rate for a set period of time. This means your repayments won’t go up even if interest rates rise.
  6. Apply for the loan: The final step is to apply for the refinance home loan. You’ll need to provide the lender with your financial information, including your income, debts and assets.
  7. Get your payout: Once your refinance home loan is approved, you’ll get a lump sum of cash. You can use this money for anything you want, including paying off debt, renovating your home or investing in a property.

Specific Types Of Home Loan Refinancing

There are several types of refinance transactions available to homeowners. Some common refinance home loan types include:

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Owner-occupied home loan refinance: If you live in your home and are looking to refinance, you may be able to take advantage of an owner-occupied refinance. This type of refinance can help you tap into the equity in your home to get cash out for renovations, debt consolidation, or other purposes.

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Investment property loan refinance: If you own an investment property, you may be able to refinance your mortgage to get a lower interest rate and increase your rental income.

Terms And Conditions To Keep In Mind

The following are some considerations to keep in mind when you refinance a home loan in Melbourne:


Actual Rates

Perhaps the most important thing to compare are your interest rates. A lower interest rate can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Make sure you compare refinance offers from multiple lenders to ensure you’re getting the best deal. From actual borrowing amounts to the interest rate you’ll pay, refinance offers can vary widely from lender to lender. Your interest rates will also depend on your credit score, so it’s important to compare offers from multiple lenders to see who can give you the most suitable terms that suit your budget.



Another key factor to compare are the actual fees charged by each lender. Some lenders may charge higher origination fees or other closing costs. Pay attention to costs like appraisal fees, establishment fees, and prepayment penalties. These can add up and eat into any savings you may realise from refinancing.


Most refinance home loan Melbourne lenders require a deposit of 20% or more of the property value. If you have less than 20% equity in your home, you may still be able to refinance, but you will likely pay for mortgage insurance. This can create difficulties for refinancing if you don’t have enough in your savings.


You’ll need to be aware of the additional costs associated with refinance home loans, such as Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). LMI protects the lender, not the borrower, in the event that the borrower defaults on their loan repayments. It’s a one-off insurance premium that is added to your loan and can be paid upfront or capitalised (added to your loan amount).

Refinance Cashback Offer

A refinance cashback offer is an incentive offered by lenders to entice borrowers to refinance their home loan with them. Cashback offers can be a great way to save money on your refinance, but it’s important to compare the total cost of the loan before and after the cashback to make sure you’re really getting a good deal.

What Is A Cashback Offer?

A cash back refinance offer is when a lender offers a borrower a percentage of their loan value back in cash to use however they’d like. For example, say you have a $250,000 mortgage and refinance with a lender who offers a 1% cash back refinance offer. That would give you $2,500 back at closing to use as you’d like.

How It Works

If you have equity in your home, you may be able to refinance your loan and receive some cash back to use as you see fit. This is known as a cash-out refinance. In order to be eligible for a cash-out refinance, you’ll need to have built up enough equity in your home. These offers can take the form of a lump sum payment, a rebate on your mortgage interest rate, or even free legal and valuation services.

Is It Profitable?

A refinance cashback offer can be a great way to get some extra money in your pocket when you refinance your home loan. Here are some common reasons why borrowers take advantage of these offers:

  • To make home improvements
  • To consolidate debt
  • To pay for unexpected expenses

What Offers Are Available?

There are a number of offers available for cash back refinance, so be sure to compare your options and speak with a financial advisor or mortgage specialist to see if this type of refinance makes sense for you. Some refinance offers may require you to:

  • Pay closing costs
  • Maintain the loan for a certain period of time
  • Meet a minimum credit score
  • Use the cash back for a specific purpose, such as home improvements or paying down debt

If you’re considering a refinance offer that includes cash back, be sure to compare the offers and terms to find the best deal for you.

What Is A Joint Wedding Loan

A joint wedding loan is a joint private loan between you and your partner. You can use this to pay for your wedding. Both borrowers in this arrangement are equally responsible for loan repayments. If one is unable to pay, the other must successfully meet the loan obligations. Applying for a joint wedding loan is a big decision because it involves long-term repercussions and legal commitments. While it may improve your chances of getting your loan approved and getting higher funding, it means having your repayments reported back to your credit company and taking on debt for the foreseeable future of your married life.

How To Choose The Best Lender

When refinancing home loans, be sure to compare different offers from multiple lenders to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Pay attention to fees and closing costs, as these can add up and eat into any savings you may realise from refinancing. Be aware that if you refinance your home loan, you may reset the clock on your mortgage and end up paying more in interest over the long run. As with any financial decision, it’s important to speak with a mortgage broker, financial advisor or tax professional to see if refinancing makes sense for you and your unique circumstances.

Have Any Questions?

Got any questions? If you’re looking for the most affordable home loan refinance offers in Melbourne, contact us today! We can help you find the best refinance deal to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What Does Refinance Home Loan Mean?

When someone says they are refinancing their home loan, they are essentially taking out a new home loan to replace their existing one. The main reason people refinance their home loans is to get a better interest rate and/or terms on their mortgage. This can save them money over the life of their loan, as well as giving them some extra breathing room in their monthly budget.

If you’re looking to refinance your home loan in Melbourne, there are a few things to keep in mind. This includes:

  • The type of loan you have: You’ll need to know whether you have a variable or fixed rate loan, as this will affect your refinancing options.
  • The interest rate: This is important because it will determine how much you’ll save by refinancing. Make sure you compare rates from different lenders to get the best deal.
  • The loan term: The length of your loan will also affect how much you can borrow when refinancing. If you have a shorter loan term, you’ll likely be able to refinance for a higher amount.
  • Your home equity: This is the amount of your home’s value that you own outright. The more equity you have, the easier it will be to refinance.

When Can I Refinance My Home Loan?

When does it make sense to refinance your home loan? Here are some things to think about before you refinance your home loan:

  • How much equity do you have in your home?
  • What are your current loan terms and interest rate?
  • How long do you plan to stay in your home?
  • What are your financial goals?
  • What are the costs of refinancing?

If you have equity in your home and you’re looking to save on your mortgage payments, refinancing may be a good option for you. Once you’ve considered the cost to refinance a mortgage, your lifestyle goals, budget and borrowing capabilities, you can shop the market for suitable loan products. Compare refinance home loans from a range of lenders with Break Free Home Loans to find the right loan for your needs.

Why Refinance My Home Loan?

There are a number of potential benefits to refinancing your home loan. These can include:

  • Lowering your monthly mortgage payments
  • Accessing equity in your home
  • Shortening the term of your loan
  • Converting from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage
  • Consolidating debt

Of course, every situation is different, so it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of any refinance offer before making a decision. Be sure to speak with a financial advisor or mortgage specialist to see if a refinance is the best option for your needs.

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