Medical Surgery Loans In Melbourne

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the best surgery loans
the bestest surgery loan

Looking for financing options for your cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure? At Break Free Home Loans, we can help you compare a variety of loans designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you are interested in financing a small or large-scale procedure, we have a loan option that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals affordably and conveniently. From cosmetic surgery loans, plastic surgery loans and other major surgery loans, we can help you find the right lender to suit your requirements.

What Are Surgery Loans

Surgery loans are a type of financing that is designed specifically for medical procedures, including cosmetic and plastic surgeries. A surgery loan typically offers lower interest rates than other types of loans, making them a popular choice among those looking to finance their surgical procedures.

How They Work

Cosmetic surgery loans have made surgical procedures much more accessible to the mainstream population. With more funding available and less restrictions, it’s easier to find cosmetic surgery finance to proceed with your procedure. Some treatments clients commonly secure plastic surgery loans for include:

  • Face reconstruction: procedures such as face lifts and rhinoplasty to correct features)
  • Lipo: a common fat removal surgery to change the physical appearance dramatically
  • Breast augmentation
  • Butt, upper leg or arm lifts: the Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular example
  • Facial implants: genioplasty is a well-known example
  • Injectable treatments such as dermal fillers

While plastic surgery often isn’t exactly affordable, when there is a clinical reason for obtaining it, your insurance coverage may help you in covering costs. In cases where it is done purely for cosmetic reasons however, you may still be eligible for cosmetic surgery loans from various independent lenders. It will operate the same way as a personal medical loan with set terms, repayment amounts and associated conditions. Your consideration in applying for a medical or dental loan for surgery should depend on its affordability, interests comparison and your personal financial circumstance.

the bestest cosmetic surgery loans
the bestest plastic surgery loans

Benefits & Features

With plastic surgery loans, surgery becomes financially viable and you no longer need to delay the procedure or remain on the waitlist. When the plastic surgery is time-sensitive i.e. to fix malformed bone or prevent scarring as a result of an accident, it’s important to get the procedure done immediately. However, the drawback is you will be taking on debt. Financing your plastic surgery means you now owe several thousand or tens of thousands of dollars with an interest rate attached.

There are several funding paths you can take advantage of to gain a prompt surgery such as:

  • Routine Charge Card: these are low-interest cards which add to your credit history during your repayments. They may offer a points program.
  • Medical Card: generally readily available from your health insurance, Medicare for example, and will still incur costs when left idle.
  • Credit Line: a rotating credit line from your bank with reduced interest rates. In some cases you may be eligible for interest-free payments which can be appealing. However, this will diminish the amount you have for your sinking funds and affect your credit score. If an emergency pops up, you may risk not having enough.
  • Surgeon’s Settlement Plan: Surgeons may want to work with their patients, offering an in-house settlement plan tailored to your situation.
  • Bank Loan: a standard loan from the bank will usually have a modest interest, but nonetheless incur more in cost than the above options.

4 Steps To Get Cosmetic Surgery Loans In Melbourne

The following is a step by step process to get lenders to approve your cosmetic surgery loans:

Pre-qualify Lenders

Pre-qualify for a lender or gain pre-approval. This means making sure you pass all of the eligibility checks for your preferred loan. Generally, this involves proving your residency, age, permanent income and passing a soft credit check among other verification requirements. Getting conditional approval is a good way to ensure you are on the right track.


Choose The Loan With Best Interests

To maximise your savings, check with your health providers to confirm how much you need. Then you can consult a qualified broker to compare interests, comparison rates, repayment terms and conditions of loan products from different lenders. Before making a decision, it’s always best to assess all your options.


Submit Your Application

Apply for your loan. Our expert brokers can complete and submit your application on your behalf. We work with each patient to find the loan option that best fits their needs and budget.

Pay For Your Treatment

Begin paying for your treatment. It’s important to meet your loan obligations on time. If the lender approves, you can even begin making extra repayments to shorten the loan period and minimise the amount you pay in interest.

The Main Methods To Fund Your Treatment

There are many ways you can find a loan for surgery. From surgery payment plans to cosmetic surgery finance, the following are some common options to fund your surgery:
the bestest cosmetic surgery finance

Interest-Free or Low-Interest Credit Card

Funding your surgery is quite simple using an interest-free or low-interest credit card. Some banks offer these options as an alternative to your medical insurance.

the bestest loan for surgery

Special Purpose Savings Fund

Most banks offer special purpose savings fund accounts, which some patients opt for. A main appeal of this fund is it typically allows you to plan ahead and save up.

the bestest medical loan for surgery

Mortgage to Save Up

Another strategy is to save on your home loan interests by paying down your home mortgage. Then you’ll redraw the money you need from your early payments when you’re ready to have your surgery.

the bestest loans for surgery

Withdraw from Super Fund

You can also apply through the ATO to access your superannuation funds early as a medical loan for surgery procedures. However, the ATO’s assessment hinges on whether your condition meets their requirements. The type of medical surgery they approve must address a life-threatening illness or chronic pain. This will likely apply to surgeries such as abdominoplasty (tummy tucks),weight loss surgeries, breast reduction, body contouring or skin reduction after significant weight loss.
the bestest surgery finance

Payment Plans

These are in-house payment plans offered by your surgeon or public medical providers such as Medicare and private health insurance providers like BUPA, HCF or Medibank.

the best loans for surgery

Before VS After Payments

You can choose to pay for your surgery upfront or after the procedure. Some loans and payment plans may allow you to make pre-payments before your surgery. They may deposit the value of the loan into your selected bank account so you can pay for your medical expenses or reimburse yourself on payments already made.

This can be done in a lump-sum or instalments. It’s also common for patients to use a special purpose savings fund or redraw funds from early mortgage payments when paying before their surgery. Alternatively, payment plans, medical credit and other finance options are quite compatible for after surgery payments. The downside of a payment plan after your surgery is that you’ll probably have to pay more in interest in the long-term.

Surgery Loan Alternative Solutions

There are other ways to pay for your surgery such as:

Medical Credit Card

Medical credit cards offer introductory interest-free financing. This period extends anywhere from six months to two years. They’re a good option for longer-term financing as they come with reduced interest rates and regular monthly instalments. However, once the zero interest period ends, they may charge a mid-range interest rate on revolving credit, which is often higher than most credit cards and financing options. It’s important to pay off your balance in full by the time the deferred interest kicks in.

Payment Plans

Health providers often offer financing through a payment plan and manage them in-house. Some however work with financing companies to provide them. There are plans that don’t charge interest, and plans that do. Your payments on them may be reported to credit bureaus.


Most health savings accounts or insurance will only cover medically necessary procedures. If you can get your medical surgery approved, you may qualify for getting your expenses reimbursed. For example, procedures such as reconstructive plastic surgery after an accident or due to an illness is likely to be approved. Meanwhile, breast augmentation is unlikely to be covered unless it’s a breast reduction due to chronic pain or cancer. Even if the procedure itself isn’t covered however, some health insurance may be lenient and cover prescriptions related to the procedure such as pain medications or antibiotics.

Cash Savings

You can pay for your surgery with cash savings. To have enough money in your savings account to pay for the procedure in full, you may have to wait several years to get the surgery. But saving will give you plenty of time to make the right decision and prevent you from taking on debt or paying interest rates. You may even be eligible for a cash discount.

Where I Can Get Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Loans In Melbourne

At Break Free Home Loans, we can help you find the best medical loans for surgery Australia has to offer. We’ll help you compare different lenders and their loan products from their interest rates, comparison rates, repayment terms and other conditions. Our focus is to find a loan that works for your schedule and financial situation. When you want to get reliable financing for your cosmetic or plastic surgery, we can help you find the right lender to suit your budget and personal needs. Complete your loan application with us today.

the best medical loans for surgery

Have Any Questions About Surgery Finance? Talk To Us!

We understand that patients are looking for the most affordable financing options for their cosmetic surgery procedures. Whatever your cosmetic surgery needs, we are here to help you achieve the look you desire. Consult our brokers today to find the best medical surgery loans in Melbourne! We work closely with our clients to ensure they receive the loan that best fits their needs and budget.

the best loan for surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced brokers can complete your application to ensure a successful loan approval. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients:

What Are Surgery Loans?

Surgery loans are personal loans that can be used to finance cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures. These loans can be used to cover the costs of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and can help patients who may not have the funds available upfront to pay for their procedure.

How To Get A Surgery Loan In Melbourne?

Compare lenders, their medical loan products and other financing options with a qualified broker. Make sure you choose the best loan to suit your budget and specific needs. Then you’ll have to complete your loan application. To apply for medical loans for surgery Australian lenders generally need you to comply with the following conditions:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a regular source of income
  • Be an individual person and not a couple, company, trust or partnership

Your lender will assign you a credit score based on your history and supporting documentation, and decide whether you are eligible for their loan. It’s important to provide as much information as possible to ensure a successful and faster loan approval. Submit your loan application with Break Free Home Loans today.

What Are Alternative Ways To Get Plastic Surgery Instead Of Surgery Finance?

There are a variety of loan products from different lenders to suit different budgets and procedures, including plastic surgery loans, cosmetic surgery loans for unemployed individuals and more. However if you aren’t confident you can meet your loan obligations, there are also other alternatives you can choose when it comes to paying for your surgery. You may have to pay more upfront, but won’t have to take on debt or pay more interest in the long term. This includes options such as:

  • Using cash from your savings account
  • Nominating a special purpose savings fund
  • A credit line from your bank, usually a rotating credit with reduced rates
  • Getting reimbursement from your health insurance coverage
  • Low interest rate or interest-free credit cards
  • In-house payment plans or settlement plans supplied by third-party companies
  • Withdrawals from early mortgage repayments
  • Withdrawals from your superannuation funds if eligible

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